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2012-07-25 13:07:59 Jessica's Scarf and the Old School Copier Really good story! I enjoyed the detention students having fun with the teacher!
2012-08-07 01:53:03 Setting Anonymous You had me interested until you started laying down bullshit like this: Now I'm not the biggest guy in town, but I've got a decent size to me. Little more than 7" long and almost as thick as a soda can.
As thick as a Soda Can? Right. Maybe a mini-Redbull can but not a soda can.
Also, the chick is a total slut. If she says: Well fuck you too then. After all the shit I've done for you, you can't just send me a dirty text to make me happy! You're a fucking loser, sometimes I swear I can't remember why I let you touch me at all. You know what, fine, maybe I'll find someone else to sex with!
Your text back should be: Good-riddence.
Would a chick ever stand for a dude doing that? NO. So don't be a pussy. Dump her ass.
2012-08-19 01:18:47 Friday Detention at Holy Submission School Hi readers and friends,
Sorry for the delay in writing an update to this story. I do have an outline for part 2 and just haven't gotten the time to flesh it out. I should have a part 2 to this story buy end of month (Aug 2012) and will post it ASAP. I re-read the story and am not sure my update will top this but I will do my best. Thanks for your comments and feel free to leave and ideas you have in my inbox.
2012-10-21 01:48:10 The worst / best detention ever. 1 To the douche bag below, this is a work of fiction so cool your child protective custody reports. Why the hell are you on this site anyway if you are trying to shutdown freedom of speech.

Anyway I thought this fantasy was an awesome one. Keep writing Farrahlee.
2013-08-23 02:27:51 My Sister Got Spanked by the School Bully - pt. 2 Glad you like my a couple of my stories. Personally, I would rate Friday Detention Pt.1 as my best effort and this story My sister got spanked by the school bully pt 2. as the best ones I have written. The other 2 are OK but when I re-read these 2 I have to masturbate, because they are that good. Let me know if you have any ideas you would like me to incorporate in future stories.