Comments from KirillTheRussian

Date Story title Comment
2012-05-24 03:49:13 Peeping Tom 2 Why'd you abandon us Perv?!
2012-05-24 04:24:50 A Boy In Babeland Wow it's been years since I first read this, still great!
2012-05-27 06:06:04 Full Release Part One Very nice, hope to see more.
2012-06-24 16:06:18 A Dream Within a Dream; or, Madly In Love Great story, very well written, and easy to read. And Danny sounds like me, but my hair is long and straight, I'm not bi-polar......nor do I have a child,, everything else though, spot on, lol.
2012-06-24 17:07:24 3 Evil Sister- Part 8 somestory seems to have abandoned his new story as well, and there looks to be no sign of ever seeing 3ES continued. I would love to see you finish, or even resume 3ES and ignore what somestory may or may not say, it's not like he's copyrighted his story, and if you're worried just change the name and move forward! There's no shame in a bit of fan fiction ;D. Anyways, looking forward to anything you put out in the future.