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2013-12-14 17:59:02 How to Care For a Golden Retriever Comment below me, great fictional story, but why don't you go submit it to the site instead?
2012-02-27 20:34:57 Nick And Allie - How It Began OneNineNineThree here, just want to let everyone know part two is on the way. If you have any suggestions for what should happen next, feel free to email me or send me a message on here. I will do my best to incorporate everyone's ideas into future parts.
2012-03-01 03:24:02 Middle School Fucktoy Pt 2 From one author to another, PARAGRAPHS.
2012-03-05 02:58:13 Nick and Allie 2 - The Party & The Bedroom OneNineNineThree here, just want to let future readers know that part 3 is well on the way. I have already written half of it and the second half should be completed soon. Also, I've noticed that no one is commenting on this part, that makes me sad. I like hearing feedback as it inspires me to write more and also gives you a chance to include your ideas into the story. So please, tell me what you thought about the story. If I like your idea, I will most likely include it in part 4 because I like making my readers happy. Thanks everyone.
2012-05-01 02:19:44 Nick and Allie 4 - Love and Lust Hey everyone OneNineNineThree here, I know its been a long time but I promise I am working on 5 and should have it ready soon. Thank you reading!