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2012-02-28 04:24:29 Tales of a Secret Sex Writer, Chapter 9 FANTASTIC WORK, DC.

The end "Is it real or isn't?" teaser is probably one of the most creative, interesting things I've ever seen on this site. And I write and read fantasy fiction, danggit. :P

Really well done. I enjoyed it. It's so nice to see someone stray from the straight up sex and try something we don't really see often instead.

Just, seriously, great work. :D
2012-07-01 06:23:44 Breaking Barriers 7:Amanda and Caitlyn tell their story Yeah, I agree, the whole 3rd person/1st person thing was cleared up really nicely.

PARAGRAPH SPACING. ARGH. Just because it's all said in one go doesn't mean there aren't paragraphs. Whenever someone says something that long, break it up. It hurts the eyes. O.O

Besides that, fantastic story, my favorite installment so far.