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2010-04-17 10:35:18 The Plane Crash Pt.10 Well crap I'm going to have to give out bonuses now for people figuring out that I actually looked at a map before I decided on where I wanted this fictional story to take place... thanks for paying attention.
2010-04-20 22:41:20 Homecoming part 3 & 4 The perspective is still screwy the premise is good one of these days when I have time I'll show you what I mean.
2010-04-21 02:25:10 The Plane Crash Pt.11 Of course its a hanger it wouldn't be worth doing if I couldn't hit you with a hangar...The next section will post in a few days it's already written just waiting for validation.
2010-04-22 23:29:24 The Plane Crash Pt.12 Vincent- Just because most of them couldn't find their way out of a wet paper bag without help doesn't mean they are all idiots. Bored I know I didn't mean to do it! I'm going to go looking for something to help with that its either that or I stop the story right here, and I don't think anyone will be happy with that
2010-05-01 20:29:40 Aftermath Actually I stole the opening paragraph at the direction of Ejls who wrote it... I have another story with the same opening paragraph....its sorta a contest thing... but that's okay