Comments from gblazer

Date Story title Comment
2011-12-09 03:10:22 MY LITTLE SIS AND HER FRIENDS My Little Sis and Her Friends is a great story! Please continue
the adventure with a few more chapters - say 5 or 10.
2012-01-24 02:03:23 What happens under the covers...stays under the covers... Part 3 Please continue the story with a few more chapters and don't forget Amy.
2012-01-25 02:23:05 Perfect Siblings Great beginning to Perfect Siblings, please continue the story with a few more chapters.
2012-02-01 03:22:14 The Homecoming - Ch 8 Hope the next chapter is in the near future - Great story!
2012-02-03 02:02:31 My Sisters' Gift 1 Good beginning to My Sister's Gift, please continue the story!