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2011-09-19 03:02:34 I finally decided to make an official profile here for 2 reasons one so i wouldn't have to type KingCrazy here anymore and two because i only recently turned 18.
2012-07-05 17:29:21 Ellie Awsome story, hope you do more. Many more. also since the main characters name is Ellie I was thinking of Elie from rave master.
2013-01-03 05:00:48 Acanine, Solomon No sex? ? ? Seemed to have plenty.
2013-05-07 00:16:36 Jane's Furry Adventure That was terrible, the initial idea was good but just went way off.
2013-06-03 16:46:29 Animal Speicalists Pretty good story but I think it would have been better with some sort of feline instead of a marsupial.