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2011-09-06 02:57:34 Slutty Best Friends Good read. Keep it up, especially more parts with these girls. Jenna is hot.
2011-09-14 06:48:25 Kimmie I enjoyed it. Look forward to a sequel.
2011-12-14 02:33:48 3 Evil Sisters-Part 2 Real life does happen. Don't let it get to you. I enjoy this story very much. It is thought out and real and I like how he standing up for himself and fighting back. Anal for Izzy was awesome. I look forward to what happens to Riley. Your story has it all.
2012-03-01 18:34:58 Catching Emily Pt2 I really like this story you got here. Good pacing, theme and feel for reality. I read some of your other work. Enjoyable and good but the characters and the dynamics you have going for them are great. It's your best work to date. I hope you continue this series for awhile. I look forward to where you might go with it. Hopefully at least a part 3 but I think I keep up with it all the way to at least a 5 or 6. At that point more could still be nice. Be interesting to see when you get there. Good luck, keep it up and stay horny.
2012-03-31 02:14:14 3 Evil Sister- Part 8 First you take someone else story and ruin it. Then you add in gay anal shower scene and he loves it? Stick to your own crap and don't ruin other work, especially when it is better than yours.