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2008-11-26 11:15:40 My boy Olly! Two categories you listed were "incest" and "rape". Neither of those is in the story, which is good.
Fairly good story
2009-05-27 11:38:24 Where did you get that?! I get tired of seeing stories of 10-14 year olds with 6-10 inch dicks and having the self-control of porn stars. No mention of him cumming in this story.
2009-07-18 17:47:00 BUDDY TURNED FUCK BUDDY ? Get real.
A 12 yr-old (you) doesn't want to hang out with a new dork in the neighborhood (who is a wimp) who just happens to be 15.
And yet again, another 12 yr-old with an 8 inch dick and the stamina of a porn star.
How many stories with those stats have we seen on here?
True Stories??? LOL or HAH
2009-11-05 10:11:10 Julia's first fuck So she had "chestnut brown hair" and "her wet cunt was covered in a light patch of blonde curls"? A natural blond goes brunette? Why?

"cum dripped out of her deflowered pussy. " That would not be the only thing dripping if she is a virgin. She would be tasting her own blood.

It is difficult to believe this is written by a woman. Just one clit lick and a complete blow job with 3 different positions doesn't sound like it would be equatable. It sounds like a porn movie just like his controlling hands and "brushing her hair out of her face".

I'd call it FAIR, but not at all realistic.
2009-11-12 16:01:12 FIRST TIME NAKED I would drop the last 2 paragraphs. Continue with the story so she takes care of him for the 3rd time, maybe a doggy-style position where she reaches back and guides him in. Ah, youth.