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2011-08-22 00:04:28 Mummy’s true passion- part eight Excellent hon, please keep it up and don't change anything.
2011-09-07 02:13:55 John and Alex Part 1 Hi hon, great story. Don't worry about the grammar stuff it's not important anyways. Wouldn't it be a killer if Alex had a gay uncle who left him money so he could marry John and both of them could go to college just to piss Alex's father off ( and the reason his father hates gays). I'm a gay cd so contact mew if you wish and I'll tell you of my interesting life of having been a sort of wife to my bi father, true story.
2011-09-08 00:53:02 John and Alex -- Part 2 Excellent honey, well told. Keep writing and if you want to here my story you can and I'll let your write it if you want as I'm not much of a writer, it I tend to be a little to brief so contact me anyway you want. I'll even givew you my email, just not here.
2011-09-10 03:18:45 Daddy Takes Care of Her Little Problem (1-5) Wow, I hope she gets pregnant. Would be awesome if the son was doing the mother at the same time, or the son and mother left them to live together and the daughter became the new wife.
2011-09-10 03:45:49 Daddy Takes Care of Her Little Problem (7) JJ should be doing mom, and leaving Emily to dad.