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2012-04-17 14:43:17 Hot Pregnancy ch. 2 People come on, this is a FICTION story which means it didn't happen.
I happen to like this story and for the one person who said that it was sick having them have sex while her water broke..
I was having sex with my ex husband when my water broke with our youngest son. I didn't realize that my water had broke because not every woman gushes nor puddles (neither of my three pregnancies were gushers) so it is possible not to know.
To the author..I hope you continue, you write great stories.
2012-12-15 14:38:36 My Daddy is my Mommy To the last Anonymous Reader.. First sentence

Hello my name is Sally. I am 12 years old and I love my Daddy to bits.

Geez, while it is placed as a true story, Im very sure this person wrote it from a 12 year old's point of view. You know, authors can do that. It's called perspective.

I found the story interesting. Funny in some parts but interesting none the less. As a fellow author (not of sex stories) I find this story well written from a 12 year old point of view to start with. People need to realize English is not everyone's first language. Keep doing what your doing and I look forwards to reading more from you soon.