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2013-03-06 17:24:39 Okay, I give up. Why is everyone hating on this chapter? I thought it was just as good as the first one.
2013-03-07 16:45:50 How about some positive votes to get this up the list? If a story doesn't keep at least a 95% rate I usually delete it.
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Or post how you think this story should end. I already know but maybe you can change my mind?
2013-03-08 16:05:23 I have to write part 3 still. Some of us have real jobs everyday, so maybe Sunday or Monday I'll post it.
2013-03-08 17:31:57 Click on my name and you can read all of my stuff.
2013-03-08 17:34:13 You're right, she hated every minute of it!