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Worked as an engineer in the oil/ natural gas industry for British Petroleum during the 1970's and 1980's. Enjoyed the number of cultures on the African continent. I found most black Africans friendly but there were some that instilled hatred for white visitors unless they were attractive white women. There was and still is a black African lust for white women. I've seen it personally and have heard many stories of interracial affairs. Many white wives, daughters and tourists were taken by black men. Those who travel to Africa beware and do not go alone. But with saying's true in just about anywhere in this world.
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Young virgin blacked in a barn...Chapter 2 Fiction 13917 times. 92 %
Young white girl tutor blacked by african basketball player True Story 20127 times. 84.1 %
Young white virgin blacked in a barn Dark Fantasy 61572 times. 87.8 % Black, Interracial, Male / Female Teens, Older Male / Female
Black Safari for Sophie...Chapter 3 Dark Fantasy 10041 times. 91.5 %
Black Safari for Sophie.....Chapter 2 Dark Fantasy 12150 times. 84.9 %
African Seduction of Three White Daughters,, part 2 Dark Fantasy 14493 times. 92.3 %
Young White Daughter Deflowered by a Black Man True Story 47571 times. 79.8 %
16 year old boy taken by a black man True Story 26199 times. 82.1 % Black, Blowjob, Boy, First Time, Interracial
Black Safari for Sophie Fiction 14880 times. 93.4 %
African Seduction of Three White Daughters Fiction 24258 times. 87.3 %
Hart family at an African Retreat...Chapter 2 True Story 2454 times. 90 %
Hart Family at an African Retreat True Story 3348 times. 81.8 %
African seduction of Sean and Terri Dark Fantasy 2343 times. 90.9 %
African rape of two young white daughters Dark Fantasy 10437 times. 84.6 %

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