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2011-06-25 03:11:14 my friend, you are doing awesome, as several others have said, you need not worry so much about feedback, and opinion, whats said will be said whether you ask for it or not, use the space to write, as you are a fantastic writer. there are a couple things you miss on a regular basis, Im not sure if you use manuscripts or not, but may I suggest writing out a rough draft by hand and having someone (maybe your girlfriend or your brother) edit the stories for you, there are words missing in spots, all minor problems, all in all you are, as I said a very talented writer, keep up the good work
2011-06-27 06:17:44 Man of the House. definitely need more of this one, its freakin awesome so far
2011-06-27 06:50:49 Man of the House Part 3. Im pleasantly surprised at this series, in three "chapters" you've managed to create quite a stir in my mind, I hope to see much more of this series
2011-06-29 18:19:03 at this point, I have to agree with several of the other commenters, you are one of the better writers on this site, keep up the good work my friend
2011-07-03 03:09:49 Incestrous thoughts come true! good story, needs a grammar check, and has a couple words missing here and there, but all in all this was great