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I am Smelly prince. I write stuff like where a kid stinks and lobotomises and lobotomises and stinks
My only thought is to telling these wonderful, correct stories, about smelly boys, and smelly girls.
Stinks and leather leather and stinks. Smelly lobotomies are fun too!

Texts of SmellyPrince

Title Genre Read Rating Themes
How to wash a slapper's brain Dark Fantasy 6468 times. 25.8 % Alien, Body modification, Death, Domination/submission, Mind Control, Slavery, Snuff, Torture
Jonothon's smelly brainwashing Dark Fantasy 8199 times. 32.3 % Boy, Mind Control, Monster, Rape, Scatology, Torture, Virginity, Young
The Brain Bug's Correct Feast Dark Fantasy 13377 times. 26.9 % Alien, Anal, Death, Domination/submission, Enema, Mind Control, Rape, Snuff, Young
Hannah Montana meets smelly obedience! Dark Fantasy 14964 times. 25.6 % Alien, Domination/submission, Humiliation, Mind Control, Scatology, Slavery, Teen Female Solo, Torture
Processing Shelly Science-Fiction 21777 times. 26.3 % Alien, Girls / Female, Latex fetish, Mind Control, Scatology, Snuff, Torture, Virginity
Smelly-boy-smelly-boy, Jonothon's a smelly-boy! Dark Fantasy 11019 times. 37.9 % Death, Humiliation, Rape, School, Snuff, Torture, Voyeurism, Young
Cooking Jonothon's brain Science-Fiction 9933 times. 29.4 % Alien, Bondage and restriction, Boy, Death, Mind Control, Scatology, Torture, Young

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