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2011-05-26 20:10:47 rich boys love 8 kinda a cliffhanger here i do hope you choose to write more
2011-05-26 20:33:55 rich boys love 8 im just curious what is the timeline in real life from rich boys love 1 to rich boys love 8?
2011-05-26 20:34:16 rich boys love 8 a few days or weeks?
2011-05-27 15:33:11 rich boys love 9 Amazing story's so far!
2011-05-27 18:25:44 rich boys love 9 Bored of it? lol I find myself frequently sneeking back here to check if the next story is posted. It has been a while since i have read a good book, and your story is truely an amazing one.
I feel like a child gitty with anticipation just wating anxiously for the next chapter to be released!