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2014-01-21 06:18:32 Camp Nurse You did not write this. Its been posted here for years.
2008-10-23 23:16:56 Tracy And Dad Not bad, but it needs editing. This one should have been shelved for a few days then re-read. The names were hard to follow in some places and the dialogue was pretty choppy. Its not bad, you just need to slow down. I have read most of your stuff, you do better work then this.
2008-11-12 23:37:14 Karen And Kelly (The Whole Story) It was well written, but the change of person was pretty akward. I also agree the mom/dad part probably did not add to the story. If you are going in first person you need to make a cleaner transistion betwen charectors. The descriptions were very well done, the sex was solid, and the characters were believable. Keep writing!
2010-10-03 01:48:43 Holy paragraph abuse germ, that was tough to read. Take the extra time to edit it BEFORE you post it. Not bad though. You jumped 'in' a bit quick. Keep writing.
2011-01-06 23:15:50 This story was posted years ago by a different author.