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Date Story title Comment
2011-10-14 11:56:41 Lovely story! Really involved me.
2011-10-14 16:10:20 Owned By A Teenage Goddess TOP story, sooo well written!!

Really kept me involved and amused all the way through.
2011-10-18 16:36:58 Coping with Retirement Ch4 - Lettie's Brother OK Spazzman fair comment, I guess it depends whether you identify or not. The idea was to cover the male age range with the teen girls being a universally appealing constant :)

I probably am going to do another chapter and if so hopefully that'll work better for you again.
2011-10-22 16:16:15 Coping with Retirement Ch4 - Lettie's Brother OK thanks for the previous comments, I'll try and feature John and perhaps other boys some more then. ATM eldest sister Vicki is on course to be the star of the next chapter...
2011-10-25 10:03:16 Is there much interest in the pictures of the characters?

Just wondering if they're worth putting time into, before I do Vicki and Seeta?