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2011-09-23 03:50:25 Factory Life, Chapter 4 The easiest way to get to my stories is to put

'Lushstories MrSoftee' into Google :)

Maybe I'll bring one or two over here; not this one though as it runs to 17 chapters :)
2011-09-24 12:20:57 Coping with Retirement Thanks for your comments everyone. Chapter 2 is just getting under way.

Daddy's Vengeance series - in my mind that was concluded, and the ratings and no. of comments seemed to point that way too. other readers think it still has somewhere to go? I originally meant to stop after Ch3, then after Fruition, so now after Ultimate... :))
2011-09-28 09:57:52 Sorry about the italics, everyone - formatting cockup, I've asked the mods to fix it :)
2011-09-28 18:24:02 Coping with Retirement, Chapter2 (fixed) OK I've reissued this story to fix the problem that the original one was 2/3 in italics and hard to read!
2011-10-05 16:02:02 Coping with Retirement Ch3 - Janie's Tale In response to the previous interesting comment, my approach to Janie's retelling of her fuck with David was not really a 'review' but more about what SHE got out of it. This not being a what-happens-next adventure story like Daddy Avenges but more about relationships.

So the pensioner is saved by the teens, who help him rediscover his freedom, but also the teens have their horizons broadened by the pensioner, and that's what Janie's tale is about..

Also the pensioner facilitates their lesbian relationships obviously by being actually MORE broad-minded than their (younger) parents..

Not sure about it being hard to follow. Anyone else found this?
The grammar is deliberately a bit incorrect, and the syntax less structured I suppose, with its being 'written' by a 15-yr-old. Is that it?

Thx for the comments! MORE comments please!!! :)