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2013-07-14 05:08:23 Birthday Treat for Birthday Girl ! It's a bit unsettling but very original. Strong story.
2013-07-19 05:11:09 My Wife's Project Schoolgirl, Part 3 Great comment fitter, thanks!!
2013-07-22 18:19:06 My Wife's Project Schoolgirl, Part 2 Part 3 is up, you can reach it with my yellow MrSoftee profile link at the top of the page.
2013-09-06 16:45:20 Ravished in the gym There is a later and complete version of this story, which I would recommend over Chapter 2 of this initial series :).
2013-09-07 17:51:21 Daddy's Vengeance Keeps Going Awry, somewhat... Well (below) it's good of you to make such a detailed comment. I agree about the 'as long as you orgasmed' idea being wrong BUT it's not the protagonist or me saying that it's the young girl being difficult. Yeah it's not the most credible plot I have to agree lol, but it's not supposed to be read too seriously. And in other episodes it is explained that there were aspects that Yvonne did like, and later on they all apologise to each other. Anyway sorry you couldn't suspend your disbelief, I have to own up to forming the plot around the sex somewhat :).

On the ages: for me some 13-year-olds are ready, some aren't. If they are it can be a sexy fantasy IMO, as long as they're in charge hehe. On rape I feel I can cover bad things as long as bad is described as bad which, ultimately, it is in this series; maybe not in each individual episode, to the full serious extent, but the mood changes accordingly.