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2013-06-22 04:32:31 Sibling Rivalry - Coping with Retirement Ch5 Thanks MR, yeah maybe I should continue this story a bit, with some more from David's pov. I haven't really covered what a great time he's been having lol. Lettie's mum and dad know really, there are various hints through the episodes, but don't feel they can *overtly* sanction it so they 'don't want to know'. Lettie is too hard to control and they in fact trust her and David, and being like Lettie her mum has done her own thinking on the subject and sees that they're all quite safe there together, more so than say in a club or hanging in the mall. Part of the story really, in that sense, that sweet sex is a bit demonised in society :)
2013-06-22 16:20:48 Girls In My Shed Thanks for the comment and idea Earl John, we are in tune! I can't get to a sexy view of Sheila tho sorry, in fact I deliberately made her unsexy so that Nick wouldn't be too cheating, but it could be a story in which the wife seduces a teen. Like 26 and 15 yo perhaps, and husband around 40 is watching...
2013-06-23 12:59:15 Girls In My Shed OMG this site!! A bloc of 5 negatives from one person and 50+ nonsense comments...

Well I suppose 30 days for the top section is too long, some people must be fed up of seeing this there. Still, it's a bit harsh, some new readers are still coming along and with a lot of negatives it'd need thousands of votes to ever make it into the top bracket after 30 days. Be fair please.

Anyway I'll bring up some of the genuine comments...
2013-06-23 13:02:02 Girls In My Shed MrSoftee
2013-06-13 12:50:03
Thanks sofman, very generous of you.
2013-06-13 11:47:53
Extremely well written... Not fond of bad grammar, fortuitous language or crassness. Well done!
2013-06-23 13:02:48 Girls In My Shed Anonymous reader
2013-06-14 13:06:05
Fucking hot and great story,keep it up dude!