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2013-06-18 18:07:08 Adicktion This is a great story Staci, I do hope you keep it going!

The spam in here is even worse than in mine!! Purvv I'd say writers just need to be able to delete comments. We can already write fake anon ones so it's a small difference. No chance of any action though :(
2013-06-19 05:17:30 Ravished in the Gym part 3 - End Game That's my comment 2 below btw, the site had logged me out.

After I posted I realised I'd forgotten to include the teachers' expert how-to-fuck instruction video at the end. You can imagine if you like how that played out, maybe at the end of the bike race the girls played it to the badboys on the TV, leaving them going 'WTF!!', then went outside.. :))
2013-06-19 07:57:30 Girls In My Shed Disgusting?? (3 below) In what way? Age? Most girls are sexually active by 13, just google 'what age did you start masturbating', the average is about 11. Many aren't of course, but also many are pregnant! Why are you picking on this sweet girl-power story for your negative when the site is full of awful girl-abusing stories? I don't understand.
2013-06-20 19:09:54 The Reluctant Kidnapper This is great writing, such interesting characters and interaction. For me I don't like him being so rough and uncaring with her but it could develop either way so I'm reserving judgement on that, and definitely looking forward to the next episode. Hoping the hero isn't going to be toooo superheroic.
2013-06-22 04:18:18 Girls In My Shed Thanks for your comments Anon/postscript and MR (great nic!). Makes so much difference. Yeah they all live happily ever after, Naomi and Gemma, Nick and Sheila. I nearly had them all go to a Black Sabbath gig together :). I could see Sheila helping Gemma get into politics...