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2014-04-05 09:49:10 The Other Side of Gemma Blah I'm sorry please stick to your regular stories they are alot better and honestly not all guys (like me) like girls with big brest honestly I like them small like B maybe a C but that's the cut off is C ( of course that is of my own fantasy and my own likes and dislikes take what u will of it) any ways keep on writing love your other story
2014-04-05 09:36:10 Being Normal - Part 1 P.S. I love long stories the longer the better
2014-04-05 09:35:09 Being Normal - Part 1 I read the whole series and I love it the story and ignore what people say the story was perfect no misspells that I could c the sex scène's were good and overall a hell of alot better then most of the crap on this site and personally I like this kind of story better then the genma one
2014-02-03 05:20:45 Sara's Awakening Part 3 I have to give credit to the guy below sex/ porn is something kids discover early in life and rarely is there any one ( who hasn't grown up in an extremely over strict catholic family) who don't know about sex by at least the age of 11 and most kids aren't even virgins any more by the age of 15 but with that aside decent story definitely not one of my favorites but it is also not the worst story I ever read on this site
2014-02-07 07:14:38 Losing My Love You FUCKER I come here for a good lesbian story to fill my sick fantasy's and u make me almost cry... *sigh* well anyways good story I gave it a positive tho (and yes I know its just a story but still I imagine my self in there place) it was a sad ending