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2011-06-17 14:02:56 Waht Daddy Needs 8 i don't mind the whole incest thing how ever i normally don't read ones were the child and parent are in a relation ship i would of liked it more if u would of left out the little brother that she took care of when his mom took off / died i forget what happened to her but aside from that awesome story good writing and plez write one more i want to see how they proceed with the whole thing
(and yeah i care more about the story then the sex lol)
2011-06-17 15:32:16 Weekend Daughter interesting story not what i was expecting but still good and very interesting i do feel bad for Krissy and her dad(Bob) she looked young but how was he supposed to know unless he asked for an ID or a drivers license there are a lot of people who look younger and or older then they really are it wouldn't be unbelievable to some one that she was of age.
i personally know a few girls who are19 who look like they are only 15 and i know for a fact they are 19
2011-06-18 22:44:18 Taking HIs Sister nice story keep it up.
and as for the guy/girl/person below me if u got a story post it don't leave 5 different comments telling your story
2011-06-20 08:21:44 ok i just stared reading i am on the fifth paragraph and iv got a few questioning things in the story u explane her to be his niece
"I picked up my niece from her mothers house"
"my sister calls and wants me to watch her daughter"

but he keeps refering to her as his sister

"Hey Sis, ready for an evening of shear boredom?"
"We arrived at the house Sis got out and gathered her back pack..."
""Sis!" I hollered, "You don't need to be cleaning my house..."
and a 10 year old doing dishes? not impossible but very highly unlikely
2011-06-30 23:20:34 Dirty Little Love Secret LOVED IT =D plz continue to write more