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2012-02-16 10:01:08 Chapter 01 - My Step Sister Cindy Thank you for the feedback. I will start on Chapter 2 later today which will cover our second encounter three weeks later. (It was a very long three weeks!!!) :)
2012-02-16 13:59:06 Chapter 01 - My Step Sister Cindy Chapter 2 just posted. Thanks for all the feedback. As for how many chapters, I don't have an answer. Some of the encounters were shorter than others or were so similar in nature that they are not worth writing. I may put together some of the shorter ones into one but that remains to be seen. My encounters with Cindy were amazing but there were other (both family and non-family) encounters I may address as well. I have had some interesting things happen to me in my life during my time in the dorms in both college and the military that I think others may enjoy reading about. As always, they are are not storybook perfect, but they are true.
2012-02-16 15:25:38 Chapter 02 - My Step Sister Cindy Not to ruin it for you but that never happened. Remember these are not stories but memories of what really happened. Life is not perfectly scripted.
2012-02-17 19:55:53 Chapter 01 - My Step Sister Cindy *sigh* Really? Are we really going to start splitting hairs over the definition of "Incest"? I will start a thread in the forum to address comments rather than spam it all here. Regardless, I hope you enjoyed the memories I shared. See you in the forums.
2012-02-17 19:59:54 Chapter 02 - My Step Sister Cindy Eternal Death? Really? If I get eternal death for retelling something that happened to me then I hate to see what happens to me for some of the other stuff I've done. I will address comments in the forums shortly after this post. Including how I don't understand the definition of Incest. :P