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2011-03-09 00:46:34 After School Without Rules lol i tried my best and i made a mistake submitting its missing like 3 other paragraphs so im goind to re post it :) yes its all true it was amazing :D
2011-03-09 00:53:43 After School Without Rules Its not the whole story and yes i was scared at first but he doesnt know that and he wrote it... this happened when we were in 8th grade and i was 13 he was 15 then we broke up when we started high school he wrote this over the summer from what he thinks happened :) i liked him the whole time
2011-03-29 23:42:19 ok actually this story is very believable as a 14 year old girl i enjoy porn a lot and lost my virginity last summer when i was 13. I started watching porn when i was 9 by myself and learned a lot BY MYSELF. its nature and i didnt think about it a lot. My body was developed enough that i could have orgasms from rubbing myself. and i would have let a guy have sex with me. so yes this story is belivable.