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2011-01-05 15:08:04 Although anyone with a 12 inch dick, knows damn well a child can accomodate said penis, even with months of preparing her, so i take the story for the fiction it is, it happens to be good fiction. I am blessed with a rather larger dick and an equally large desire to have sex with children, and know from experience that a 10 yr old can barely handle a finger or two with discomfort. Many woman, despite the talk of wanting a big dick, have never had one, the reason why porn stars get more money for sex with guys with dick more then 7 inches. Nice story, take it from me, 10 yr olds r nothing but trouble, because if you hurt them sexually, you are sure to be discovered. Girls 12-14 these days are more likely to have seen a dick and are more ready for sex then a 10 yr old. I was 17, when I used to sex up my 11 and 13 yr. old neighbors, my first LG lovers.
2011-01-05 15:48:29 Raped By My Step Dad - Part 1: The Setup No trickery needed, all you need to do is ask. I used to put baby oil and lotion on my GF daughter, after I helped her one day, from day on, every time I was over and she had taken a bath or shower, she would come to me with lotion in hand and lay down on the bed wrapped in her towel. For those who don't knows girls 10 and up some lower, legs are just one big clitoris, and if a grown women inner thigh is a hot spot, for a girl of 10, it is more dangerous sexually for her, then living in Liberia. It was not long before I was accidentally touching her vagina, with no protest from her. She would bounce on my knee and thigh at times, I would ask her how it felt, she said nice, told her I could do something to make her feel better, which lead me to giving her oral pleasure, the look on her face was more wonderful then eating her pussy. Mom caught on, and realized there was no future with us, so we broke up i saw the child 4 yr later, two months after that we made love in a motel, patience.
2011-01-05 15:58:50 Raped By My Step Dad - Part 5: Again and Again Oh come on, it is just a story, very good story. Consensual sex with little girls is great, I do not advocate rape, coercion, and other tactic besides absolute consent from the child. Yes your child, no less then 12, fully understands what they are doing and what can result from having sex, and they are no worse for the wear then a girl the age of majority where you live. State and Countries that have 12-14 yr old age of consents have scant reports and allegations of child sex abuse, as opposed to those with higher ages, nor are there a upswing in pregnancies of those girls in that lower age bracket, it is all hysteria, no different then prohibition.
2011-01-06 11:00:05 A friend in Need I like this, love the cop angle, so what about the spelling and grammar, gives it more of a sense of realism. Love the mall, it is a hot bed of illicit sex between minors and adults, thanks to all of you dumb ass parents who drop your kids off with very little to no money and unsupervised. You won't be surprised at what your kids do for clothes, food, shoes, bed/body wash, and for nothing, just freaks, this includes your sons thanks.
2011-01-26 17:03:49 Precocious Puberty It was my grandmother who first sucked my dick @12, my neighbors 17 yr old babysitter, how to eat pussy @12, then made me experiment and refine my technique with my 8 and 9 yr neighbors, who when I turned 16, where my first actual sex partners at 12 and 13, finding out neither wre virgins, because their fathers co-worker, who had moved in had been having sex with them until the father caught him and threw him out of the house, because he did not force with one, this was the 70's. I to this day do not like Bj's, simply because no girl, woman, or lady has come close to what I experienced at 12.