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2010-12-29 13:58:13 Double Trouble? Great story, i lived with a 30 something woman many yeas ago who had an 11 year old daughter that I found out watched us regularly thru a crack in the bedroom door. I often wonder where they both are now?
2010-12-29 14:22:18 Great story with a surprise ending. My sister and i are 4 years apart and we did some playing as kids but only feeling each other up. Wish we had done more.
2010-12-29 14:33:47 Grandpa and the twins Many years ago the woman i lived with had an 11 year old dughter. We both walked around with little clothes on and the girl was shown my dick and balls many times by her mother. I woke up a few times with the girl playing with my hard dick, I was tempted to have her suck it and make me cum but I was afraid of the trouble it might cause.. Would I do it if the same thing happened now? Oh yeah!