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2011-01-12 20:56:48 Victorious I can dig it. The next parts aren't so 'wordy'
2011-01-15 13:21:59 The Champion's Companion 15 This is just economics, not politics. You should skip to the next chapter for the sex and violence.
2011-02-04 13:37:13 Lost... Pretty good story. The twist at the end gave me pause but only because it was not what you find on sites like this. Good job, it was daring.
2011-02-10 18:33:41 Mom Regrets Me *-* I Fuck Her I see many stories in your future.... Having the fan write back is a good idea too!
2011-02-17 07:51:24 The Champion's Companion 00 If your reading this then it may be too late..... this is a prequel. I can't control the way the site presents the posts so please understand that ch.10 continues the story....