Rebecca Vaughn
Member since 2010/10/03

I'm a female who enjoys sex stories.
Columbia, South Carolina, USA
Writing, Occasional porn, running, swimming


Texts of Rebecca Vaughn

Title Genre Read Rating Themes
Jessica's Discovery Fiction 36405 times. 94.9 % First Time, Lesbian, Masturbation, Teen Female Solo, Teen Female/Teen Female, Water Sports/Pissing, Written by women, Young
The Curious Girl Fiction 77961 times. 93.3 % Bi-sexual, Female / Girl, Female solo, First Time, Girls / Female, Incest, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Teen, Teen Female/Teen Female, Voyeurism, Written by women, Young
The Snow Day True Story 14040 times. 94.1 % Female solo, First Time, Latina, Masturbation, Teen Female/Teen Female, Written by women, Young

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