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2010-11-28 23:48:20 A Dominican Vacation (part 1 of 4?) To whomever posted that comment: thank you for being vigilant about plagiarism but you're wrong. I mean, you're kind of right and kind of wrong. I did post this story on this site, then there was some sort of malicious attack on the server or something and it was no longer posted so I re-wrote it a little and posted it again. I mean, if someone else posted this story on this site, then they somehow plagiarized me which would, of course, be fucked up, but kind of flattering too. I can tell you that this is my original work (for better or for worse) and if I were to steal someone else's writing, I'd pick someone who writes better than I do (see my favorites).
2012-01-12 12:04:29 A Dominican Vacation (part 2 of 4?) Thank you for the feedback. I did not include a disclaimer before this story, so I will add one now:

For those of you who commented on my other posts, first let me say thank you for the encouragement. Secondly, I do consider why I (and people in general) write on these subjects and are fascinated by the taboo. Whenever I try to compose those musings I sound like a stoned hippie. Given that I am neither a hippie nor a stoner, I will spare you the dissertation. Let me just say that I do not condone incest or pedophilia. I do not want to see kiddie porn. I do not want any child to be hurt ever. If I knew of people engaging in these activities in real life, I would, at the very least, inform the authorities.

I am a grown man and all of my intimate relationships are with adults (who sometimes like to pretend to be little girls). Keep in mind that this is a fantasy and all the characters and situations are made up.

I hope you enjoy my story. I encourage you to comment. Your criti
2012-03-20 13:33:00 New Daughter, Chapter 3 I don't understand how your story can be so awesome and have such a crappy rating? It's well paced, the dialogue flows, it's easy to identify with the characters and it's sexy as sin. What more could you want from incest erotica? Jesus people.
2012-03-20 14:36:50 Watching Little Sister (Part 1 of 2) I really appreciate the criticism (though I thought it was funny when Trib Fan made it personal). To be honest I was experimenting with the pacing and yes, I was a bit lazy. I was also trying to push the envelope of plausibility. Apparently I pushed it too far.
2012-03-20 15:00:45 New Daughter, Chapter 1 It is unfortunate that the author should get credit for such obvious things as "good grammar" but, that is the state of this site and many others like it. It goes without saying, good grammar is just one of the many attributes of this author.

There are also some hilarious comments!