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2010-09-30 21:01:35 Bill's Life Part 3 – Having Daughters I tried to read it but there was a lot of confusing stuff right off the bat and those huge blocks of text are always like hitting a brick wall. You obviously have plenty of skills. At a certain point, though, you gotta slow down, indent a little, think about pacing. Thanks for the contribution though. A re-write would probably go a long way.
2010-09-30 21:05:46 Billy Bob Always good to get a funny comment ... tree fucking ... oh wait, i did that too! but I was 31! Anyway, I can't agree more strongly with the paragraph comment. Please people, how hard it is? It makes such a difference.
2010-10-01 00:06:28 HERE KITTY KITTY you do have a way with words
2010-10-01 00:10:03 Sex Teacher for the Kids Nextdoor How can people complain about people commenting without contact IDs then not leave a contact ID themselves? Seems kinda hypocritical to me. Derrrr
2010-10-01 00:14:08 Rainy Day: My Little Sisters Get Bored Definitely one of your better stories. Best pacing, consistent humor/voice.