Comments from LikesItSucked

Date Story title Comment
2010-09-06 12:33:49 How I met my wife You all have been really kind. Thanks so much, from both of us. Second installment soon!
2010-09-08 19:52:20 How I Met My Wife 2 I see what you mean. Sorry, I wasn't even thinking about it.
2010-09-13 21:58:15 How I Met My Wife 3 - Interlude I'd appreciate a comment or five !!!
2010-09-29 07:36:47 A Trip to Grand dad's farm - part 1 Budding domination/submission. Not quite sure of what to do yet, but you can see it happening. Very good, sir, very good.
2010-09-29 07:45:34 Jayson Good, quick, story. I thought the stripping in the mirror to be a little contrived, but it still worked well.

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