Comments from DrewFarnmoore

Date Story title Comment
2010-09-24 01:46:41 New Roommates, Mother And Daughter I should know better than to even bother reading stories that seem to have every genre checked. This story did not remotely have a number of the genres it claimed to. Oh, plus it sucked.
2010-09-24 02:04:19 The Student House the 'rape' tag does not belong on this story.
2010-09-24 02:16:42 A Night With Minh Not bad; love the rape and snuff! + vote! Only one issue: a rape kit is a kit that the police use to collect evidence. :p
2010-09-27 02:01:49 Please no more. Decent story, nearly ruined by what I assume was a mistake (text replace error?) of having mother and daughter with the same name.
2010-09-29 23:10:11 I love the genres in your story. I hate your writing.