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2010-07-19 04:07:32 a summer conquest Ok I remind you we were in her bedroom she took her own clothes off and came back for seconds and I recently connected with her on fb and we chatted I asked if she hated me and she said no not at all she wanted it but was scared of being pregnant and just remembered me as generous and definitely not mean or forceful. I still hope to fuck her again I am working on it. She is married for 30 years and has never had sex with anyone but me and her husband.
2010-07-20 18:11:30 a summer conquest Man yall are wrecking my carma first of all she was a sweet heart and yes she was very much a risk taker the ride was not that memorable I was just getting to know her! And well by her own confession I Know and Knew her LOL it was great sex and all this dribble is most likely for hubbies benifit, she demanded discretion in the beginning due to what she called trust issues, when we connected last month and I have to read between the lines on all her mail because half of what we share now is either filtered or writen by her husband. I cant imagine him posting on here at all but who ever Justise is he aint her husband! I never paid for any photo that is just dumb and I definitely know she still likes the attention I have gotten for her. Be willing to bet that old B...H is getting some hot sex out of this. Preston if that is really you posting email dont be a wimp.
2010-07-21 13:44:05 a summer conquest wow 2500 for my first story! Thank you
2010-07-21 13:44:49 a summer conquest wonderful to see so many enjoying the fruit of my youth
2010-07-21 13:45:30 a summer conquest finally got a responce out of the cuckhold lol