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2010-05-27 11:58:51 My mind runs wild sometimes... It is true. This actually happened to me. And if it wasnt for his wife and kids and the fact that i hadn't had the nerve at the time, I would've fucked him that first day I started to notice him.

2010-05-28 17:27:20 Bryan and Amy The next part is being validated as we speak. I just finished it today. It should be on the site in the true story section in about 2-3 days. Please comment and leave your honest opinions. You can even visit my profile and message me if you want. Thanks for your cooperation everybody!!!
2010-05-28 18:13:41 Incest Is Best That was an awesome poem. I might start posting my poems on here too. Keep writing. I loved it.
2010-08-03 12:54:48 New Daughter, Chapter 1 To answer the stupid question of how old the daughter is.

He said that he dated Kimmy's mother fourteen years ago.
He went to school with her fourteen years ago.
He had sex with her fourteen years ago.
She got pulled out of school because she got pregnant fourteen years ago.
He hasn't seen or heard from her in fourteen years!!!!

Hope I made it clear!! And if you still don't understand, for those of you who lack common sense and a decent education, the girl is fourteen years old and close to being fifteen.

I'm only 18 and I understood this the first time I read it. If you are older than me and didn't understand, I fear for what is destined for humanity!!!

Now that I'm done ranting, I must say this:
Excellent story. Couldn't stop reading it. Read every chapter at least twice. I love it!! Without a doubt, in my opinion, the best writer on this site. I've written a few stories, but nothing compared to this. I commend you sir.