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2010-04-11 23:30:41 The English Teacher To the first guy: seriously, thanks for your comment, I did write it and publish it quick without doing much proofreading...just ran it through spellcheck. Sorry it was too distracting for you.

The rest of you: thanks for the comments. I will write another one in the near future.
2010-07-06 23:44:30 A Very Difficult Daughter - Chap 2 - "It's your body Sally" this one wasn't as great as the first one...BUT amazing builder for the third installment...good job with your stories, man!
2010-07-06 23:45:27 A Very Difficult Daughter - Chap 2 - "It's your body Sally" and I only say not as great because you ended it right when it was picking up...but that's just good story telling
2011-03-16 22:37:50 The English Teacher of course its corny : p most of these are, but thanks!!
2012-06-30 02:21:59 I CAN'T RESIST MY NEIGHBOR-OR HER TEENAGE GIRLS!-CHAPTER 5 I was against adding the two younger sisters, especially since it would almost make Tony look like their dad. However, my mind changed after this chapter. Keep going!