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2011-04-18 12:58:50 my wife the whore good story line just have more action & have him do more to her . have her doing more
2011-04-18 13:30:29 My Daughter Alison and her best friend Sarah's Treat great story just loved the part of the school girl outfits had me hard as a rock at that. wanting to read more of the adventures
2011-04-18 14:37:31 My Wife Maryanne - Ch. 2 well as she had told you she was going to do it even if you had said no because of a coment made as a fant as a promise . Giving you a chocie to stay & watch or go out for a walk. Also the part at the club where she acked as his wife & not yours. To me thats a big NO NO . Is this guy well hung bigger then you . Thats not how things should go
2011-04-18 14:50:36 My Wife Maryanne - Ch. 4 Did you have kids with her & are they yours or one of her studs. My wife & I are swingers & yes she dose have afew lovers but I know them all. AS a few of there wifes are lovers of mine. Swinging is the way to go that way all have fun. My wife didn't like the part where she fucked guys while you were pasted out. She should have said no that time but as she's a slut for other guys & didn't care about your feelings. that you've been letting her run the show tells she just didn't care about you then & to do it only 3 mths in the marriage tell more.
2011-04-18 14:52:35 Maryanne’s Story – Secret Kisses hoped she had a good time & told you about it. hoped she asked you to join the action