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2011-05-23 10:10:42 I told you he would fuck her! Wished you had kept it going with him doing all of them. Giving his Daughter a very hard fucking too and having him unload in them all. So I say keep it going Dave
2011-05-31 14:28:13 Harry Potter Adventures: Chapter 10 - The Fall of Ron this was very good but Harry should have done hermy & put a baby in them both. liked how you made Ron fall but would have liked to see him fall more in that what he did to Luna be found out & that he has to pay big time for that.! Would like to see hary doing more ladys inclueding Susan & Luna & Tonks & both of the black sisters as well as Ginny & hermy having him get boded to all. that would drive Draco & Ron to want vengence more.
2011-07-29 10:16:40 The Potter Wives Enjoy it very much but there is only 1 harry potter 7 he didn't have brother. give all the wives to harry & enjoy that Draco & Bill are getting married too.Just keep it going & yes do finish the other storys please. This is a very good one so keep it going. Enjoyed reading it & I say to those who didn't like it to bad if you don't write don't say anything to those who do. Dave
2011-08-02 08:11:59 I found my sister stripping. Loved it My older sister did it when she was in college to help pay her bills because she & Mom & dad had a very big fight over her going to College in Toronto. I was in the army & was set to do training at a base near To. I stoped in to see her & was told she was at work they girls just told me to go to this address god she was hot stripping.. keep it going yumm
2011-08-02 08:15:21 I found my sister stripping Ch 2 Can't wait for the next part hope gets the three of them PG and he moves in with them . love the action lets have lots more. very hot