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2012-02-11 23:30:15 A fantasy becoming reality 1 I loved it and yes the people that said CRAP you do better, but i agree put the spell check, and paragraphs here and the as its hard to read and to no where you are up to if someone disturbs me here
2012-02-12 22:22:16 Caught Jacking Off Its true either they have a 9' cock or cum like 8 nimes within 1 stupid do you people think we are. Why not just make it as close to real as possible???????
2012-02-14 00:15:38 The Teacher Fuck neice can do better
2012-02-16 18:00:34 Chapter 02 - My Step Sister Cindy I love this story as its been well thought out before being written, other people are asking when does Jen come in it, me i think its great as it is but if Jen does well so be it, as its bassed on something that really happen.
2012-02-18 18:58:34 Fuck Me Uncle Don-Part Two same here .....but then again i am a