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2011-05-21 10:46:44 So tell me Ghostrider are you planing on reporting ALL the stories with this sort of theme in them, because there are still a lot of them on here, or just mine, and how did I earn this privledge?

This is the first of six parts actually, and although incest, and pedophillia are plot devices, that's not really what the story is about.
2011-05-25 10:55:19 "This was posted in 2009 by Rebecca Lewis."


"Hey poser. This is not your story. This is plagiarism. This is series was written by a woman and it was taken off of this site already. This story is one of my favorites of all time so I'm not mad that it is reposted but you are dead wrong for trying to take credit as being the auther. I suggest you state that it is a repost from a different talented FEMALE auther on chapter 3. Again this is a really good story, too bad it's not you own. Poser "

"does Rebeca Lewis know about this??"

Yeeeaahh, ya see, the thing about that is, I AM Rebeca Lewis.
I started with that pen name, and if you'd bothered to read her/my profile I state quite clearly that I am a middle aged man.
2011-05-25 10:59:32 "Below, have you ever thought he may have a second name which he uses to write under? Have you checked his profile for instance? Have you ever heard the phrase "Look before you leap"?"

WOW! Someone thar actually read the Rebeca Lewis profile, and knows that I am a man.
Thank you for that. :)
2011-05-26 14:20:57 "Hey. Your intro doesn't make sense. If you were really Rebecca Lewis, a woman, why would you call yourself Eric and post your gender as male. Makes no since at all. Even your contact info is under a man's name. Just seems like a sorry attempt to make it look like you didn't steal somone elses work. You might as well post the remaining chapters all at once. Your not fooling anybody into thinking you are posting chapters as they are written. I'm just sayin...... "
(sigh) I never claimed that I was writing it as I go, but I am re-editing it as I go because the first time I posted it under my pen-name, you may have heard of those, it was full of mistakes.
I actually chose the name Rebeca because of the first story that I posted here, Beckys after school surprise, and I deliberately misspelled it as a clue that this was not my real name.
I KNOW that I wrote this so you can think what you want
2012-05-03 01:24:55 Spanking Amber "my 7yo step daughter just came in sat on my lap and ask what i was reading. OMG!!"

Damn! That's just wrong, so, so, wrong.