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2010-06-25 16:54:06 My daughter's gang bang Freud called it "the Electra complex", and the idea was that since a girl's father is her first model for manhood, all women subconsciously want to fuck their dads.
Then, of course, there's the extremity of the taboo that makes it exciting, not to mention the idea that someone whom you know loves you unconditionally could also be your lover has an obvious appeal.
Of course these are very broad generalizations, and once you get down to individual psychology it gets even more complicated, but fortunately one doesn't need to know all this to find it hot.
Thanks for the comments.
It's nice to feel appreciated. :)
2010-07-16 02:36:15 How I spent my summer vaction WOW!
I'm really blown away by the response to this story, and it looks like I've got another series on my hands. lol.
Thank you all for your comments.
Your pleasure is my pleasure. ;)
2010-07-21 22:18:35 Vacation For Two - Monday 44 votes, and still at 100%?
You may have some critical comments, but at least they aren't voting you into oblivion.
I envy you, I truly do.
2010-12-17 12:48:25 The better question is how could you read it?
2010-12-18 14:38:26 The ride Nice hot story.
You're such a good girl to tell sexy stories like that.