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2011-05-17 13:31:45 So many people have asked me if this story is true. The short answer is that it is based on actual events. The story had to be condensed to fit the short story format and some parts have been dramatised for readability. However, the overall story, including the fact that the couple had: an unfortunate break-up, a long unwanted separation and the circumstances of their eventual reunion, are all true. Thank you for your interest in this story. If you liked it, please vote in the CAW6 Contest you'll fine in the "Sex Stories" forum.
2011-05-24 03:05:32 I just finished your story and I must say that I did enjoy it. You have a good writing style and you can tell a story... that's all you need.

After reading your sex scene, I felt sorry that I made mine so descriptive, but I thought it was a requirement of stories written for this site. Actually, your handling of the sex scene was in keeping with the elegance of the story, so it fit in perfectly.

I'd also like to mention that you did a good job researching the details of this historical piece and made it all seem very believable.

2011-05-27 13:51:52 Dear Readers: The stories I write are fantasies. Posting your real life experiences and confessing to crimes you have committed is very risky. There is no statutory limit on sex crimes against children.and what you do with them can put you at risk for the rest of your lives. I'd rather hear about how you liked the story and suggestions on what you think would make the story better.... Thanks for reading my stories and leaving a comment.
2011-07-09 02:07:16 TEENAGE GIRLS FOR SALE I worked on this story for almost two weeks so please let me know what you think of it. If you like it you can vote for it on the CAW7 contest thread in the "sex stories" section of the forum. Thanks
2011-07-11 15:19:35 I tried using names of the people I know from xn in my story but I don't know every ones name and I only have 5 main characters. One of my characters does something I could have called "Ralphing" but that's not very flattering... Anyway, good story. I will award it a positive rating and the "Fickle Finger of Fate" award" .