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2011-04-30 02:13:37 Wet Dreams; Bitchy Behavior; Lust & Love It must be difficult to put on your lipstick with your tongue shoved so deep into your cheek? This story goes to show that a good writer, when given lemons can still come up with a good tart. Thumbs up.
2011-05-02 16:05:40 A very good beginning. Your writing style flows very well and you keep the readers interest. You've set the stage for what promises to be a very good read.
2011-05-11 18:08:17 To the unknown gibberish writer: What you're doing is pathetic. Knocking my stories and voting them down will not make your stories any better. Spend your time trying to improve yourself instead of trying to diminish others.
2011-05-14 00:31:15 I hope you liked my story and that you'll leave me a helpful comment. You can also vote for this story in the "Sex Stories" Forum. Just Click on the "Calling All Writers 6" thread and look for my story in the list of stories. I recommend you read some of the other fine stories entered in this contest... Thank you. HD
2011-05-16 12:17:32 I liked your story and gave it a positive vote because it touched me. I'm a straight guy but underneath the skin we are all human and share the same feelings. The one thing that bothered me about the story is that Holly came out of nowhere with fully developed feelings for Beth. Maybe there should be a passage where Holly explains how she became attracted to Beth. Not telling you how to write your stories... just making an observation.