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2010-03-23 11:07:22 Glad you liked the story. You are about to be rewarded in part 3 with some really hot sexual foreplay and titillation. You're really going to like this..
2010-03-23 11:19:37 You've made it this far and your reward is at hand. Part 4 will give you lots of hot steamy sex with these two young girls. Please let me know if you have as much fun reading it as I had while writing. Oh, and don't worry about the end. There will be a part 5. What do you think I should call it?
2010-03-23 11:30:08 Is this the end for poor Uncle Tim? He'll be back in part 5 which I'm thinking of titling "Tim's Revenge." I have an outline for the story but I'm not going to write it unless readers say they want to see it.
2010-03-21 21:52:51 Her Vertical Smile You get a thumbs up from me Don. This is a good start. I'd like to see what you do with a longer story. Hope to be reading it soon.
2010-03-22 00:54:27 To the reader: this is a 4 part story. It is designed to build your sexual interest and increase your level of arousal until the big climax at the end. If you read it all you will be entertained and satisfied but if all you want is something to get you off right away, just read part 4. Enjoy and give me feedback by leaving a comment.