Comments from onehandedtypist

Date Story title Comment
2011-02-26 17:39:42 Disaster at Antonio's I liked it. You have a unique way with words. Things are stated as they are and not as they might be. Everything...falls as it may, and rightly so. Very good story.
2011-03-05 18:19:29 Moms Dark Room You created a new dimension (at least new to me) explaining what each person is thinking because the two of them were in the dark and understandably wouldn't have seen anything for themselves. Good job blueheatt
2011-03-06 18:54:27 Susie's Introduction I liked the dialogue alot.

Proper paragraph breaks would have made it easier to read, but good first effort.
2011-03-07 16:23:20 Memoirs Well written. It doesn't deserve the low rating it has received. Good job malummens.
2011-03-07 16:26:48 Let yourself go Good first effort. I have to stress the importance of paragraph spacing. Keep writing and I'm sure you'll improve.