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2010-11-03 02:38:09 I got hung up on another project which took up more of my time than I expected. The server crash and this after period where nothing new has yet been validated are holding up the final chapter now as well. I'm glad there are people who appreciate the story and I'm working hard to finish. Thanks for reading and thanks for the encouragement.
2010-11-03 03:25:03 I got held up on another project that took longer than expected, and then the server crash and this period where new material is not yet appearing on the site is holding me up as well.

I'm glad people enjoy the story and I promise I'm working hard to finish. Thanks for reading and thanks for the encouraging comments, I'll try not to disappoint.
2010-11-13 04:38:58 Thank you, hearing that means quite a lot. This was the single most difficult thing I've ever written, so any feedback is really appreciated.
2011-06-20 16:09:31 Sugar and Spice And might I add a hearty "قصص سكس" as well, which I believe translates to "I approve."
2011-07-09 03:21:42 Well, it's porn, a few creative liberties are allowed.

I think I know how the rest of this story goes, doesn't he find her again years later married and pregnant, then go off and shoot the guy she ran away with and end up in jail writing a confession and calling himself "Humbert"?

...wait, no, that's a different book entirely. Hmmm...