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2014-01-17 10:13:31 Wolf Eve Oddly enough, Reader, I remember trying to find out whether or not wolves bark (although for a different werewolf story). I don't remember what answer I ended up getting, but either it was wrong or I simply neglected it here, so thank you for saying something.
2013-10-12 14:21:10 A Clockwork Orange It's not "plagiarized," it's Fan Fiction (and really ought to use that tag). It does, perhaps, stick too close to the source material, but that is not what "plagiarized" means.

Honestly, the story itself does not, in my opinion, do enough different with the basic plot of the early chapters of the book (though by no means does it follow verbatim either), and there are some basic errors here like some very unfortunate adverb application.

But...the writer does a surprisingly good job of invoking the voice of the novel, and the darkly tongue-in-cheek quality of that narration proves surprisingly compelling. I think he might really be on to something here. He should continue in this vein and, with proper application, could turn out something remarkable.
2013-11-14 02:10:24 The Banshee. Hello, Anonymous Reader: Glad you liked the story. If you check on my profile there are a few other ghost stories: "Phantom" and "A Pale Horse."

Also, "Wendigo," "The Yellow Sign," and "The Red Masquerade" are not ghost stories in the strict sense of the word "ghost," but they certainly invoke the same atmosphere. "Grave Robber" and "Til Death" are technically about the walking dead and "Enigma Mothman" is about aliens (more or less...), but they too could be termed ghost stories as far as atmosphere goes.

Thanks for reading.