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2011-07-23 20:16:02 My Daughter My Princess I'm sorry folks this system is not editor friendly. I see more mistakes now and I would like to fix them, but I cant. I know the story might read easier if you could more easily tell the difference in dialog between Mark and Angie... but again I cant change it now. The story is posted in other areas.
2011-07-24 10:24:02 Apartment for Rent That was funny I complained about comments being anonymous ...and I forgot to log in, which made my own comment anonymous LOL
2011-07-24 11:36:12 My Daughter My Princess Thank you for the encouragement. Its true I do have a full range of story telling and writing to do. I'm really trying to flex my creative writing juices in many areas. This story was suppose to have intercourse! LOL but I got carried away in the moment and found that there was a lot of eroticism in the spanking... I was surprised as well. Now if I could do better with the punctuation, grammar and spelling I might have fans of my writing. :D
2011-07-24 11:41:55 Trading Daughters Thank you all (except Mr I give you a reward -) I'm really trying to do better at my writing... the imagination and story's are there but they are really tough to write and get all the pieces to flow. The grammar, spelling and punctuation I know is a problem.
2011-07-24 11:51:50 Our Vacation mmm yes a new installment coming. The writing for me is pretty tough as I have explained in other posting and comments. I do think the dad should expose to his daughter his yearnings and what he saw... at some point but not right away. He will probably have to do it by force.