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2011-07-04 08:34:23 Shipwrecked Part 4: Finale What the fuck destroyed the boat? If it was an around the world boat, then it was not 6 feet. So I take it they found their father's corpse if they covered the island.

The fruit grows as fast as it is picked ie-> infinite food. They actually need to worry about distribution of the food once they start having to live in the sea.
2011-10-30 18:04:00 Caught III I feel sorry for the father...poor guy.
2012-06-10 13:33:25 Chapter 01 - My Step Sister Cindy RAYMOND FEIST!!!!!! WHICH ONE? (I dont care about the story now, only that you've heard or read an author that I read)
2012-07-21 21:07:57 Fat dad Pt 1 Thank you for omitting ages. It really creeps me out when it mentions their age every line, like they do in other works.